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Product Specifications

PP Systems - UniSpec-DC: Dual Channel - Spectral Analysis System

The UniSpec-DC is a dual channel, field portable instrument capable of unattended, simultaneous measurement of incident and reflected light. It allows sampling under any sky conditions, including clouds. It features an innovative user interface with integral computer and large, full color LCD, dual VIS/NIR detectors and extensive range of accessories for measurement. It is a truly, self-contained system that does not require an external PC for operation.
  • Detector Types: VIS/NIR
  • Wavelength Range: 310-1,100 nm
  • Resolution: < 10 nm
  • Bin Size: (diode array) 3.3 nm
  • Absolute Accuracy: < 0.3 nm
  • Repeatability: Within 0.1%
  • Accuracy: 20 ?s (Approximate)
  • Scan Time: < 1 second (plus integration time)
  • Integration time: 4-3,200 ms
  • Display: 7.2? VGA Transflective color STN LCD
  • Dot Format: 640 x RGB x 480 dots
  • Dot Pitch: 0.228 x 0.228 mm
  • User Input: 24 keys plus touchpad for data input, keyboard, display contrast
  • Serial Port: RS232 and USB
  • PCMCIA Type 1: For additional data storage. Memory dependent upon RAM card used.
  • Power: Internal rechargeable 6V Li-Ion battery (including charger)
  • Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 8.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.7 Kg (3.74 Lbs)

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