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Product Specifications

PMS Instrument Company - Model 670 Pressure Chamber Instrument

Model 670 Pressure Chamber Instrument is unique in our instrument line in due to the large chamber. The chamber is 4 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep. We only recommend this instrument if you are working with a large leaf since it takes a large amount of nitrogen to fill the chamber and makes working with smaller samples time consuming. If you are looking at making routine water measurements for scheduling deficit irrigation or explaining plant water relations and do not need this large chamber PMS recommend the Model 600. PMS have recently (September 2011) updated this instrument with some changes that most users will appreciate. PMS have upgraded the Control Valve and internal piping to now allow direct connection to Nitrogen Cylinders with 207 Bar/3000 PSI pressure. This stainless steel valve is more durable and has a better packing therefore giving more life.This instrument comes standard with a Compression Gland Sealing System fitted with a 1/2 Inch Compression Gland Gasket and Insert. This gasket will seal samples from 1/2 inch diameter down to 3/8 inch diameter.


  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    40 bar
  • Chamber Construction
    Hard Anodized solid stock Aluminum
  • Read Out
    Bourdon Tube
    Gauge Bar
    PSI Scale
  • Size (L x W x H)
    13 11 10 inches
    33 28 24 centimeters
  • Weight
    17 Lbs/ 7.6 Kg
  • Gauge
    4.5 Diameter Gauge
    or 1% accuracy
    40 bar (4 Mpa) range

Instrument comes complete with: 1/2 Inch Compression Gland Sealing System, 5 Extra 1/2 Compression Gland Gaskets, 6 foot Filling Hose, 1 Solid Lab Stopper for instrument testing. O-Ring lubricant and Lithium Grease, 11/32 inch wrench and 3/32 inch Allen Key for Control Valve Adjustment and a color Operating Instructions Manual.

PMS 670

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