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Product Specifications

Environmental Measuring Systems Brno - Datalogger Minikin

Minikin is a small datalogger with built-in sensors for the measurement of environmental parameters (T, TH, RT, QT, TT) or for connection of one external sensor (TV, TP). It is attended for long-term monitoring.

The datalogger case is watertight, made from stainless steel and high-density polyethylene. The humidity sensor has sintered stainless steel filter to protect it against splashing.

The non-volatile data memory can store typically 25,000 measured values what is enough for 16 months or the measurement of two variables in hourly intervals. According to measuring mode, the oldest data in the memory can be overwritten with the newest ones or the measurement stops when the memory is full.

The long lasting Lithium-ion battery assures one year of measurement in 10-second interval or six years when one measurement per hour is performed.



  • Different built-in sensors
  • Possible external sensor connection
  • High accuracy
  • Diameter 30 mm, length 80 mm
  • Watertight
  • Non-volatile memory, typically 25,000 readings


Datalogger Details

  • Voltage range
    ?10 mV to ?1,250 mV in eight ranges
  • Resolution
    16 bits
  • Voltage accuracy
    0.1 % of full scale


Operating ranges

  • Temperature
    -30 to 60 ?C
  • Relative humidity (TH)
    0 to 100% (immersion up to 2 m by default)
  • Measuring intervals
    10 sec to 24 hrs
  • Memory size
    64 KB


Battery duration

  • Battery
    Lithium-ion 3.6V; 900mAh
  • Measuring interval 10 sec
    1 year
  • Measuring interval 1 hour
    ca 6 years


Built-in sensors accuracy

  • Temperature
    ? 0.2 ?C
  • Relative humidity (TH)
    ? 2%
  • Radiation
    ? 5%


External sensors (models TV, TP)

  • Voltage (TV)
  • Voltage divider (TP)
    resistance up to 10,000 Ohms

Size (diameter x length)
30 x 80 mm

80 g

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Datalogger Minikin

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