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Product Specifications

Agridry Rimik - CP 40II Cone Penetrometer


The CP40II Cone Penetrometer creates a new parallel between ease of use and superb accuracy. This compact instrument is the world’s best handheld tool for soil surveys involving compaction, trafficability and moisture distribution. Ultrasonic depth sensing, coupled with the optional GPS, makes both this unit and the data you collect extremely accurate.

Now with a maximum depth measurement of 750mm, with intervals of 10, 15, 20 and 25mm, it is possible to record up to 75 cone-index data points per penetration/insertion. The increased memory capacity of the CP40II Penetrometer means it can now store data from over 2000 individual insertion readings. Each insertion is capable of having an 18 character sitename, full GPS readings, and useful parameters such as maximum depth, interval as well as time and date of insertion. Additional features include the ability to store the type of GPS being used, either GPS or DGPS (Differential GPS), and the size of the cone being used.

Weight (assembled without GPS) 3.9kg
Weight (in case) 9kg
Dimensions (assembled without GPS) 560x1073x130mm
Case Dimensions 470x358x175mm
Maximum Small Cone Index 5600kPa, 75kg
Maximum Large Cone Index 2200kPa, 75kg
Resolution 0.03kg
Operating Temperature -10° C to 60° C
Buad Rate/Download speed 9600bps
Screen Resolution (Characters) 160x128
Battery Life 3000mAh
Small Cone Size (dia in mm, area in mm2) 160x128
Large Cone Size (dia in mm, area in mm2) 12.83, 130
Shaft Size (dia in mm) 9.53

CP 40II Penetromete

CP 40II Penetromete

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